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I hear that soon I won’t be nearly so interested in taking pictures of Head Cat.

1 to 6  weeks

My official due date is August 21 (also the day of the total solar eclipse that is happening).  95% of babies don’t come on their due dates and in fact, it seems quite silly to put a specific date on it when in reality there is a range of 5 weeks when baby is likely to actually be born.   The uncertainty of this is really starting to settle in for me as I try to plan out my life for the near future.  I can prepare but I really can’t plan all that much.  Baby could show up as soon as July 31… or he could wait until the end of August.  (Or he could show up even earlier but then he’d be considered premature.)

The excitement is building for me.  The baby’s room actually has stuff in it now and the little outfits, the cradle, the stroller, the package of tiny diapers all make it seem more real.  Yeah, I find myself thinking that these itty-bitty diapers are cute and then wonder what has happened to me.  It feels almost nostalgic in a sense, but that word seems to refer to the past… this is more like pre-notstalgia with a strong dose of anticipation.

Things have really come together and I feel like I actually have the necessities for bringing a baby home.  A few months ago, I had absolutely nothing.  Most of the credit goes to family and friends that have helped me out.  It’s really amazing how many people have shown their support.  This kid already has things from so many different people!  I am so grateful to everybody that has contributed.

So many cute baby things!

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I’ve been busy trying to make sure that everything is ready.  It’s probably going to be a case of hurry up and wait but I want to be prepared in case he comes on the early side of his allotted time frame.  The thing is I can buy the things, wash and fold the little outfits, and install the car seat.  But I know that there is nothing that will make me ready.  I don’t really think anybody is ever ready to be a parent.  It’s one of those things that you just have to learn (or make up) as you go.

There’s some uncertainty and some nervousness and some fears, but mostly I’m excited… and ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Cat is still missing

Trip is still missing and at this point I’m just not optimistic.  It’s plain sad.  All these things remind me of her.  I feel guilt like there was something I should have done differently, only really there is nothing I would have done different.  Not much else to say on that topic. 🙁

Lettuce plants

Sad looking little lettuce plants.

I have finally gotten some lettuce seeds to sprout, but they’re not growing very fast and not looking very lettucey.  Still, I will keep trying.  I want so much to be a plant person.  It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to get things to grow, but I just don’t seem to do well with plants.  I dream of a nice garden, but darn it, I’d settle for some healthy looking potted plants.  Even just one.

My basil looks very sad too. When I bought it, it was so perky and happy.

House listed for sale

I finally have my house in Socorro listed for sale.  It feels good to have it ready to sell.  Moving has been a long process and it feels all the more exhausting to do it while pregnant.  I mentioned moving at a prenatal yoga class and the instructor mentioned that moving goes hand-in-hand with having babies.  The thing about being around other pregnant ladies is that it makes me a little less special and I have to tough it up a little.  I’m not the first pregnant lady to move and I could just get over the self-pity.  Anyway, it’s nice to have the house listed… I’d hoped to have it sold by now, but things don’t always go by my time frame.  Progress at whatever speed is a positive thing.

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  1. I’d never seen pods like those that you have your lettuce plants in. I would get those in the ground and watch them take off. Being that they’ll be outside you’re going to need to water those everyday. When you’re watering and the ground immediately soaks up the water, then keep watering until the water pools on top of the soil. I would water them even twice a day, considering the heat this time of our season. Not certain if lettuce can yield in a 5gallon container (like tomatoes can) but that may be something you could consider just be certain that the bottom of the container has draining holes towards the bottom and side of your container.. It’s always a gratifying experience watching your plants exhibit the efforts you put into them and I know you’ll enjoy yours. Looks like you’re all ready for your new addition to your family. You’re going to make a great mom.

    1. Thank you for the advice. I think the lettuce can live in pots. I’ll try getting them potted and see what happens. The little pods are just intended to get the seeds started.

  2. Your basil plant looks just like mine! I was thinking just this morning that maybe I should start reading about gardening. I am death to plants but I’ve never put the effort into learning anything about them. I’ve just sort of thought that if I kept it in the sun and watered it regularly, it should grow, but I wonder if plant care is really more like cooking — a set of skills that can be learned? My brother is an incredible gardener, but he’s spent a lot of time learning, he knows a ton about soil and light and acid balance and such things.

    I’m sorry to hear about the cat, but congratulations on the house! I hope it sells quickly. And — as a fellow mover-while-pregnant — feel free to take as long as you need with that self-pity. Sure, lots of people move while pregnant but that doesn’t make it any easier. Looking forward to baby pictures!

    1. Hmmm… yeah, maybe I should read some more about gardening too. Like you, I’ve always felt like it should be enough to make sure plants have some water and some sun. That doesn’t really seem to turn out to be the case though. Some people just make it look so darn easy. I know it’s not a genetic problem- my parents and sister both do fine with growing things. Once I had a very sad looking spider plant and I gave it to my mom when I moved away for college. I came home for a visit a month or two later and it was all green and happy.

  3. Oh wow, I am thinking of you as the due date to meet your little one approaches. Moving absolutely is a stressful thing for most people, especially when pregnant, so good luck with everything! I am very sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you get good news soon. Sending thoughts, Bridget x 🙂

    1. Thank you Bridget. Moving has definitely been stressful, but I was just thinking, I only moved like an hour away from my last place. I have no idea how you manage the moves around the world… and with kids in tow!

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