N things of the week – #17 (migraines, celebrating fall & a schedule for B)

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Can I come up with some heading about migraines that lures in a reader and makes them actually want to read this post?… Probably not, but I’m writing about migraines anyway. 

As I here writing this, I’ve been plagued by migraines the last three days.  I can feel the edge of one now, but I feel okayish- meaning that I put my computer to it’s dimmest setting and could navigate around enough to start typing.  But I’m typing not looking at the screen at all because the light bothers me. 

It’s funny how something like this makes ones really notice things.  For example, there are so many lights in my house- some of which turn on automatically- the pantry has a motion sensor light, the fridge has a light, even the dang freezer has a light which right now seems glaringly bright. 

I notice how much I like to be doing things.  Sitting around unable to do any of the things that I like sucks.  I would love an excuse to lay in bed and read all day, but no way that is happening.  Dark, quiet and searing pain is not a very entertaining combination. 

But also, I have trained myself to think of positive things- S has been great about watching B while I’ve been out of commission, B is in fact mostly easy and that makes it easier- right now I’m watching him slurp the last of the milk from his cereal bowl and thinking what a talented eater he has become.  I’m thankful for easy access to OTC meds- while they haven’t solved my problem, they’ve made it more bearable.  And I have a comfy warm bed to hide in. 

I am also thankful that even as I’m writing, the cocktail of drugs I took is kicking in and I’m feeling more OK.  I”m still paranoid that won’t last.  I know all too well that I get impatient wanting to feel better and get on my computer or phone or do too much too soon and then it triggers my migraines again. 

The joys of fall

A red leaf from a recent hike

I am also just appreciating the joys of fall.  We have a maple tree that is changing color.  It’s a nice contrast to our tall pine trees.  The weather has just turned cold enough to make us want to try out our pellet stove.  It’s by some Italian manufacturer and the translations are all weird.  It displays messages like ‘modulation’ and ‘depression’.  Whatever the heck those things mean in the context of a fiery apparatus.  It has an impossible to navigate menu and makes beepy noises anytime you press a button.  But also, once one can in fact get it to work, it makes amazing radiant heat and has the fire ambiance that is just so primal and amazing. 

B’s room has an electric heater and when I turned it on, it had that hot smell of a heater turned on for the first time in a while.  Like burning dust.  Somehow, a comforting smell to me. 

Yesterday I also dug out my electronic blanket- it made me feel ridiculously spoiled and amazing.  It fixed my cold feet so quickly and made me feel so snuggly. 

I’m excited for B to see the fall and winter.  Having him makes me re-appreciate so many wonders of the world. 

A schedule for B

I have also been working at getting B on more of a schedule the last few days.  I’ve had him on a consistent bedtime routine since he was about three months old.  But I never really got consistent about everything else.  Naps and meals tend to be at random times.  But I thought it would help all of us to try to get things on a more rigid schedule, especially as B is turning into a toddler. 

It has helped me a lot psychologically to be able to think, ‘OK, I have 45 minutes until his morning nap.  I can figure out something to do for that long.’  The challenge is going to be to really get S on board- he’s not really the schedule type, but I think maybe as he sees the benefits he will convert. 

Of course, I already screwed up his schedule for today by putting him down for his nap an hour and a half early.  He was patting the top of his head with one hand and sucking the thumb of his other hand.  That is his tell-tale sleepy sign, so I couldn’t resist putting him down for a nap so I could have a few quiet minutes and then head off for a nap of my own…

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