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I remember back in the day when I was 12 or 13 and I had my first email account.  One of the things that was popular at the time was this sort of chain email that was a bunch of random questions.  The person that sent it would include their answers and then you were supposed to delete their answers and send it back to them and to like 5 other people or something.  

The other day, I was feeling nostalgic about those.  Maybe it’s the idea that somebody would care about my answers.  Or maybe it’s that you can learn a lot about people from little details.  Or maybe it’s that I know people that theoretically know me, but probably couldn’t answer those questions about me correctly.  

Also, I have this book that’s been sitting on my shelf for a long time called “The Secret Me: A Questionaire Journal”.  So for this post, I’ll be stealing my questions from it. (For the record, I think the idea behind this book is a good one – lots of things that spark thought or could be used as writing prompts. In practice, this book has a lot of great questions, but it also has a lot about things like superstitions, conspiracy theories or unlikely scenarios that I just don’t find that interesting. For example, “Do you believe aliens had anything to do with the creation of Stonehenge?”, “Elvis is still alive: True or False”, “Which would you prefer: the murdering of a toddler or the murdering of an elderly person?”)

Do you believe carrying a rabbit’s foot is lucky?  No.  It is sick.  Very, very sick.

Can you play chess?  Yes, but not well.

When you die, would you like to have your body cremated, buried, frozen or mummified?  If this list did not include frozen, I would say that I could not care less beings as I’ll be dead then.  But assuming by frozen we’re talking about a cryogenic process in the hopes that some advanced future civilization could bring me back to life, I would definitely go for that.  Death creeps me out.

Have you hitchhiked? Technically, I think not. I’ve never stuck my thumb out which to me is essential to hitchhiking. But I did take a ride from a random guy once when I was about 13. It was raining really hard and he pulled over on the side of the road and offered me and a friend a ride. I didn’t think twice about saying yes and my friend went with me, but she was pretty creeped out about it. He dropped us off at our destination and everything was fine.

Have you felt an earthquake? A little one. It happened in the middle of the night when I was living in Socorro. At first I thought the shaking was just a bomb, but then it went on for thirty seconds or so which was too long to be a bomb. There is a bomb test range there just out of town so I was used to the house rattling frequently from that.

Also, there was an earthquake that happened when we went to Turkey when I was a kid, but I slept through it so I don’t know if that counts.

How often do you shower or bathe? I am OCD about showering every morning. I only skip this ritual if it is impossible- like if I am out camping. Coincidentally, not being able to shower is my very least favorite thing about camping.

Would you date a person with a missing finger or toe? If I was single and looking to date and they were somebody I liked, then missing a finger or toe would definitely not be a deal-breaker for me. I did once date a guy who’s dad was missing a finger. And S is missing a tip off of one of his fingers but mostly it’s not noticeable.


  • Age: 30 is pretty good right now. But 1.5 i a pretty good age for B right now, too.
  • Kind of pillow: Down.
  • Liquor: I don’t drink anymore.
  • Subject in school: I liked most subjects, but the classes I liked were the ones with good teachers.
  • Type of food: Anything that is breakfast food- omelettes, waffles, french toast, bagels, pancakes, cereal, eggs, bacon, breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, breakfast tacos, cinnamon rolls. You can’t go wrong with breakfast.

Have you dated two or more people with the same first name? Technically, no. I have dated two guys who went by the same name.

Have you been in a restroom designated for the opposite sex?  Yes.

Have you taken a pill from a prescription which wasn’t written for you? Yes.

Did you drink alcohol under the age of 21? Definitely.

Do you know how to spot a poisonous snake? I could identify at least one poisonous snake, but definitely not all poisonous snakes.

Have you ever threatened to kill someone?  No.

Have you ever killed an animal? By accident and it still makes me feel awful to think about it.

Have you called the cops on someone for any reason? Yes- on one person and one dog.

Have you completed your income taxes by yourself? Every year.

Do you believe zombies are possible? No.

Do you believe Bigfoot exists? No.

Do you believe in leprechauns? No.

Do you believe the Chupacabra exists? Yep.

OK, I don’t really believe in the Chupacabra either. But if I was going to believe in one of those things, that’s the one I would pick.

As a magician, you’d pull what out of your hat? A bunny. No brainer.

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