The sound of silence

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I guess silence doesn’t really have a sound, but somehow it’s still something that we listen to.  It is so hard to come by.

I am always listening to the noises around me.  Our new house has new noises.  The ceiling fans make ‘white noise’ when they’re on.  The water softner makes creepy noises in the utility closet at random times during the days.  These noises are less creepy as I get used to them.

Sometimes we have flies that buzz around inside.  This is not a noise that I like.

Sometimes baby B moans with his thumb in his mouth during the middle of the night and it echos throughout the house.  He sounds sort of zombie-like when he does this.

Most of the house is hard floors, but on the floor in the living room, my shoes make loud echos that make me think of high-heels even though I’m wearing sneakers.

Outside, it often feels quiet.  But it’s not really quiet.  What I really mean is that it’s peaceful and there aren’t noises that bother me.  There is the sound of chirpy birds, crickets and the wind in the trees.

Sometimes outside the ravens get obnoxious or the neighbors’ dogs get to barking or there’s the sound of trucks.

All of this is to say that we also have a shop on our property and in the shop, it’s quiet.  Like really, really quiet.  Occasionally something creaks.  If the lights are on, one can hear a slight buzzing from them because it is otherwise so silent out there.

It feels so completely amazing.  The silence feels as though it envelops me every time I walk in there.  I love how it feels in there.  I already have plans for this to be my creative space.  It makes me feel like writing or drawing or pondering the deeper questions of life.  It makes me feel focused and calm.

As a last comment, my first order of business out there was to set-up my drum kit.

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  1. The sound of silence is so peaceful, and so crucial for our mental health. The sound of silence also becomes extremely important for us once we have kids!! It is very hard to come by, so we must value any moments we can get! 🙂

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