How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

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Ahhh!! Summertime!! Baby B and I snuck in a bit of Saturday pool time outside.

Yesterday I woke up with a list of things I wanted to do over the weekend.

One of those things was painting my old toy box for baby B.  It’s a nice toybox- solid, unfinished wood.  My dad gave it to me when I was young with the intention of painting it.  Twenty-five years later, it is still not painted.

When baby B was born, I swore I’d have it painted for him before his first birthday.  My deadline is quickly approaching.

Still, come Saturday morning, I felt like I should tackle other things on the list first like doing the laundry or mopping the floors.

Then I thought, “If I don’t have time on a Saturday morning to work on the project that I want to do, when will I ever have time for it?”

So I spent the morning working on the toy box.  Mostly this involved taking things out to the shop for it and organizing my workspace a bit.

I did get work on the actual toy box started though.  I filled in some of the holes with wood filler and started the sanding on it.  The years have not exactly been kind to it and it needs some prep work before the fun part of painting it can start.

This thing brings back memories… like how I used to put a blanket in it and hide out inside.
A stint on it’s side in a storage unit wasn’t kind… but I think a bit of sanding will have it looking better than new!

It felt amazing spending a bit of time working on this.  I’m actually really excited to see how it turns out.  I have a few other pieces of furniture in need of some refinishing too, so I think this is going to be my new hobby for a bit.  I love hands-on work.  It feels so grounding.

How do you spend your Saturday mornings?  Is there a time during the week that you set aside for the things that you want to do? 


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  1. That’s wonderful. It is important to set aside time to do things you enjoy. I think it is essential for good mental health. I tend to put time aside when I know the kids are at preschool, so I can do the things I love (such as writing and exercise during those times). Of course I still have to fit in the cooking and laundry so it is always a balance… I’m glad you are finding the time to do some of the things you enjoy and value. xx

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