Trying out the new camera – some pictures of B

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I have been taking tons of pictures with my new camera and trying to get used to it.  I am really loving it.  There are still a ton of settings that I need to figure out, but so far I am just blown away by the image quality.  I just wish I’d had this camera a year ago.

Of course, baby B has been my number one text subject.

I love the way I can get pictures of him with the background blurred out.  There is an official photography term for that.

Baby B is happy most of the time… but I also caught a few expressive faces.

Poor guy… I don’t really know what he was upset about though.

We tried taking some selfies, but that was before I figured out how to turn off the three second delay on selfies.  Three seconds is waaaaay too long to wait to catch that split second when a baby is smiling and looking at the camera.  Maybe we’ll try again sometime.

Here’s his mischievous look:

And some more pics (click on the thumbnails for larger versions).

I am really looking forward to learning more about this camera and taking lots more pictures.  I feel totally inspired.  There is just so much that this camera does that my phone doesn’t: real optical zoom, super fast focus, incredible detail, the ability to set a zillion different settings, a real shutter button, 4k video, up to 24 frames per second when shooting still photos… and the list goes on and on.

I’m excited to grow as a photographer and also just to have some great pictures of baby B as he grows up.  (Someday soon, I will have to drop the ‘baby’ part from that.  He is starting to look so grown-up!  When I see him standing around dressed in pants and tennis shoes, he just looks like such a big boy!  But then he goes back to sucking his thumb and wanting to snuggle on my lap and he’s a little baby again.)

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