Favorite Photos – March 2019

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I may have taken a record low number of pictures for March. Not at all in keeping with my picture a day goal for this year.

But I’ve been enjoying these monthly photo posts I’ve started just because they give such a good wrap up for the month.

March was overall not the best month. It was snowy. It was cold. And I was sick of snowy and cold after the winter. Plus, we were all sick. Basically, I’m glad it’s over. But there were a few good things I want to remember.

The Bunny Scream

I went to a painting class and came home with this painting. It was so much fun, and I love the bunny. Plus, they made it ridiculously easy.

Also along the creative lines, I was happy to make my first photo from the pinhole camera I made. I didn’t care at all about quality, I was just psyched to have a real image.

The Quelab wood shop

I stopped by the Little Free Library at the park before taking B to play. He was way more interested in reading the books than he was in playing. A little man after my own heart.

The park

I’m not even sure what to make of this next one. It was a random park in Albuquerque that B and I stopped by. It also had a needle disposal box for drug addicts. Um, yeah, so I’d rather not find needles lying around at the park, but the fact that a needle disposal box is needed is kind of scary/sad.

We won’t be coming back after dark. Actually, we probably won’t be coming back at all.

That’s a wrap for March.

P.S. I now have an Instagram account @kylabendt if you want to keep up with my photos.

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