2019 – Picture a day challenge

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Except for a few habits and things that I have to do most every week like work, I’ve decided to mostly focus on monthly goals for 2019. One of my exceptions to this is a goal to take at least two pictures every day: one of B and one without B. This goal is not original. I am stealing it from somebody else.

I do take a lot of pictures of B, but some days slip by and he changes so fast. I also want to challenge myself to find other things to take pictures of and to develop my skills as a photographer.

Ironically, I have been unable to get my new camera to work recently, but I’m hoping that it is just having trouble charging the battery and that an external battery charger will solve the problem. In the mean time, I’ll just use my phone.

I’m sure I won’t post my pictures from every day, but I’d like to share some of them. I’ll start by sharing the ones from the last two days.

We have had so much snow in the last week. Yesterday I dug out a path to the compost bin and then since it was the only clear path, it was the obvious place to take B. So here are S and B posing in the snow by the compost bin. This must seem like a lot of snow to B.

Here’s another canvas print that I made a frame for. This picture is from the trails a few miles from our house.

Today I paid somebody to plow our driveway since it’s really long and there was no way I was going to be able to get my car out otherwise. The plow got down to the ground in some places. B was unimpressed when I took him out into the snow today, but was quite happy when I plopped him down in the clear area.

I am sitting in the cold, pokey, slightly wet gravel and holding my hand out so that he can pile cold, pokey, slightly wet gravel in it. I am not sure why, but it was terribly important to him to do that which meant it was terribly important to me to be obliging. Part of my parenting philosophy is that things like this are very, very important.

This is the same path that leads to the compost bin. It snowed another inch or so after I shoveled the path and this morning there were lots of bird prints on the path. I was very amused that the birds had chosen to travel on my path.

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