Favorite Photos – April 2019

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April was a great month. Spring made itself felt. It was a nice change after the misery that was March. I found myself outside, riding my bike, enjoying the nice weather, looking at flowers, and creating lots of stuff.

This squirrel above had raided our bird feeder but I didn’t care because it gave me the perfect photo op.

Nature photos- wildlife & plants

I love the ears!
But the claws are creepy. Especially if you have a camera with too high a resolution and zoom in a bunch.

Also along the wildlife line of things, I found this butterfly outside one day. It was vibrating it’s wings and it was basically impossible to get a really sharp shot- plus the sun was setting so there wasn’t much light.

Still, the butterfly was cool and it was good practice learning to take pictures in difficult conditions. I’m slowly figuring out all the settings on my camera.

A bird couple moved into the birdhouse I made last fall and it makes me so happy to see them and think of them all nice and snuggly in there. I put it up right outside my bedroom window, so I get lots of opportunities to see them come and go.

Our flowers are starting to bloom and I learned something new. I always thought tulips looked like this:

I had no idea that they open up when it’s sunny.

Speaking of tulips, one day S came in and said our flower fell over. I went outside to see and sure enough it was lying on the ground. This seemed very strange since I had seen it a few hours before and it had been fine.

A while later S came and asked me if I’d taken the flower. I said I hadn’t, that I was going to so I could take some pictures of it, but hadn’t had the chance yet. He said it was gone.

Did the mailman steal it when he dropped of a package? Did the lady who delivers us eggs steal it? We started coming up with theories.

Then we looked closer, and not only was the flower gone, the whole plant was gone. And there was a hole. A tunnel hole.

Apparently a gopher stole our tulip plant. I like to think that he brought the flower to his gopher wife.

It turns out that S was quite protective of our flowers and I don’t like to think at all about what happened to the gopher and his wife next.

Creative projects

One of my first tests with the laser cutter was engraving my Live Hoppy logo.

I learned how to use the laser cutter at Quelab and started experimenting with it a bit.

My first real project was making little garden stakes to label my plants. I’m proud of these because they are the first thing I made that I really designed from start to finish for the laser cutter.

The first thing B did was come along to pull out my stakes.

I also made a cool step-stool that also converts into a desk for B. (You can read all about the process and see a zillion pictures of it here.) I am so proud of it. The above picture was part way through the process.


It’s my personal opinion that what’s in somebody’s car says a lot more about them than the type of car.

Toddler B

I save the most important for last. 🙂

Easter was exciting for me because it was his first year actually being able to participate. Once he discovered there was candy in the eggs, he just sat down in the dirt with his basket and went for it.

I just let him eat his jelly beans off the ground, but when he tried to eat chocolates with the wrapper still on, I had to intervene.

B loves his new stool. He watches everything I do. Here he is helping me run the salad spinner.

B is dressing his train cars with doll clothes. Isn’t that just the cutest?

Do you have a favorite picture out of the bunch? Let me know in the comments.

2 Responses

  1. B, of course! But those are some very impressive squirrel photos. I’m not sure I needed to see squirrel claws so clearly — they’re sort of freaky, I might start developing squirrel anxiety!

    1. Awww… he’s my favorite too!

      The ultra-HD version of the squirrel photos were even worse. They look like paws that would go on something in a horror movie. And the detailed version of the butterfly might have been worse than the squirrel! So fricking creepy.

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