Super purple moon

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It isn’t really called a purple moon.  It’s a Super Blood Blue Moon.  An event that hasn’t happened since sometime in the 1800’s and won’t happen again until sometime in the 2030’s.  I read the exact dates in the newspaper but don’t recall them now.

It’s a super moon because the moon is as close to the earth as it ever is.  It’s a blood moon because it’s a lunar eclipse that gives the moon a red tint.  It’s a blue moon because it’s the second full moon in the month.  A red blue moon seems like it should be a purple moon to me.

What I opened my laptop to write about this morning wasn’t what they call this thing.  It was about the sense of wonder I felt this morning.

I set the alarm for 5:30 which is a bit earlier than normal for me these days.  I started the coffee and then went outside.  There was still just a sliver of the moon at full brightness and the rest was already in the shadow of the earth.

Perfect timing because I wasn’t really interested in standing out in the cold for too long to watch the entire slow show of the earth’s shadow creeping over the moon.  I was up just in time for those last few exciting minutes.

It was a cool thing to see: the moon hanging there in the sky, still visible, but not glowing like normal.  It looked like space.  Like outer space.  Like a giant ball of reddish rock just floating around out there.

I was filled with a sense of awe and appreciation that went far beyond just the coolness of watching this super purple moon.  I felt this reminder of just how weird and cool and amazing the world is and how vast the universe beyond our world is.  I had that deep sense that life is just so precious.

It’s the sort of feeling that I would love to be able to just hold on to.  It seems strange that it’s even possible to forget for a second how special life is, much less for days or weeks or months as happens all to often to most of us.  I do forget.  I get caught up in the everyday of life and I forget the extraordinary of the every day.

It seems almost as though this sense of wonder is something that one should try to cultivate.  I think part of what is so powerful about it is that it’s not something that one can really cultivate or predict.  It just strikes at certain times. It’s a precious feeling.  The fact that we’re all here and alive is really fucking cool.

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