The one diet tip nobody mentions

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There is one diet tip that I think could help a lot of people regardless of the diet that they are on.  It doesn’t have to do with the rules of what or how much you eat.

It has to do with making it easy and appealing to prepare the things you eat.

And it’s simple:  WASH THE DISHES!!

This means wash the dishes after EVERY meal.  Wash the dishes whenever there are ANY dirty dishes.  Then wipe the counters down too.

A clean kitchen makes it so much easier to prepare a nice meal or a healthy snack.  You don’t have to work around the dirty dishes.  Any dish, pan or utensil that you need is already clean and ready to use.

Making it easy to stick to your eating goals makes you much more likely to be successful.

Plus, when you’re not surrounded by a mess, it is easier to make good decisions and this includes decisions about what to eat.

It does take a certain amount of willpower to make washing the dishes after each meal a habit if you’re new to it.  I admit that it is something that sometimes I’m good about and other times, not so much.  When I stick to it I feel so much better.  Knowing that a clean kitchen awaits is an amazing feeling.  And knowing that there are dirty dishes soaking in now cold water in the sink is depressing.

It’s important to do everything you can to make reaching a goal easier.  It’s strange, but even things that just make something seem easier are helpful.

For example, if your goal is to go to the gym, having your bag all ready to go and your workout clothes laid out can make a huge difference.  Getting the gym bag and clothes ready isn’t really a hard task.  Even so, having it done makes going to the gym feel easier.

Having a clean kitchen makes cooking or preparing food so much easier.  That means you’re more likely to eat good food too.

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