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Affiliate Disclosure:  Some of my posts have affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Amazon has a zillion products and I only recommend those I love.  I earn about enough money from this to pay for hosting for this site.  If you’re feeling extra nice today you can use this link to shop at Amazon to support this site at no extra cost to you.  :)

I do have a few affiliate links on this site, as mentioned below, but this site is otherwise ad free.  If you get value from this site, here are a few ways you can help to support it.  They also apply to your other favorite sites and blogs as well.

1. Share a link with friends or family.  If there’s a site you love, sharing a link helps both the people you share it with and the site.  You can share via email, social media, on a forum you love or on your own site.

2. Leave comments.  On the other end of that site you’re reading is a real person authoring the content you’re reading.  Comments can provide feedback and let the author know you got value from the post.  They can also benefit the next person that reads the post if you have something to add to the topic.

3. Use affiliate links.  Affiliate links are links to products on a site that will provide the site with a small advertising fee if you purchase the product.  You won’t pay any more for the product, but it helps out the site.  For example, you can use this link to shop on Amazon and support Live Hoppy.  (The way Amazon affiliate links work is that if you click through an affiliate link, anything you buy within 24 hours will be credited to the affiliate.  That means you can buy whatever you want on Amazon while supporting the site.)

Of course, people with sites that are posting stuff with affiliate links should be very careful about the stuff they post and not all are.  It’s my policy to only post affiliate links for things that I would post a link for even if I weren’t getting anything for it because I feel it’s a great product.  I only post links for things that I have bought, used and would recommend to a close friend or family member as a really valuable product.

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