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I have a lot of documents for work that I really just can’t trash like business receipts as well as a box of old photos from when I was a child.  There isn’t room for all of this stuff in the van.  Frankly, it’s just stuff that is stored in my house and never even used.  I am in the process of scanning in all of my stuff and shredding it so I can travel light.

I’d like to think I’d be doing this even if I wasn’t moving into the van so that I could reduce the clutter around the house.  I’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff in preparation to move into my van and sell the house.   It’s amazing to me though how much more enjoyable my house is without the stuff!

I was inspired by The Minimalists to start scanning everything that I could.  I probably would have done this a whole lot sooner, except I never had a good scanner.  I had a three-in-one printer-copier-scanner that was a real pain in the bottom to use as a scanner: it takes forever and is a hassle putting in each page and closing the lid.  I recently purchased a new scanner that I simply love.

The scanner I use

I recently purchased a Doxie Go Plus.  It’s everything I could ever want in a scanner: portable, easy-to-use, battery-powered, small and quick.  It also has simple, yet powerful software that makes it easy to adjust scans and save them as either a JPEG or PDF.  It also has a great option for OCR (optical character recognition) that can ‘read’ the text to make searchable PDFs.  I love it because it will run off of battery power and has an internal memory so I can scan stuff on the go and then download the scans to my computer later.  It also has an option to use a USB flash drive or an SD card to store and transport the scans.

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Doxie Go Plus Photos


If you go in my office, you’ll find papers I don’t use
Things I have just in case the IRS does accuse
That I have committed the crime of tax fraud
I want to prove my return really was not flawed

Then you’ll find a box of old photos
That I can’t bring myself to dispose
They do nothing but take up space
I really don’t want this box in my new place

Then you’ll find a bunch of old papers
Cards and clippings from newspapers
Perhaps there are even a few old love letters
At least there’s no letters from my debtors

While getting rid of all this stuff would be wrong
I’m going to deal with it all before long
An idea sparked in my mind and now I have a plan
Each of these things I’ll simply scan

My scanner is the perfect new accessory
To keep my photos and old memories
I’ll sit with my scanner and a cup of coffee
Then I can throw away the paper copy

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