Calvin and Hobbes: Tenth Anniversary Book

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I was browsing my book shelf, looking through all of the good books which didn’t quite seem good enough to be considered a Best Book, when I noticed one of my Calvin and Hobbes books sitting on the shelf.

Now, I would highly recommend any Calvin and Hobbes book, but this one is a particular favorite of mine.  My dad bought it for me for Christmas when I was very young and then he’d read a few pages of it for bedtime story.  For me Calvin and Hobbes is connected with other feel-good memories too.  Beyond those warm feelings of nostalgia I can still open it up to any random page for a smile or laugh.

Calvin an Hobbes is lovable for Calvin’s endless ability to entertain himself with his imagination (with Hobbes’ help of course), his interactions with his parents, baby-sitter, the kids at school and let’s not forget Suzie- all combined with the strip’s social commentary.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the role of fun and humor in my life and blog.  Now, we all like to have fun and we like to laugh.  And yet, do we really do it enough?  How easy is it to be serious and to not take the time to be silly?  Laughter seems like the sort of thing that should happen impulsively and naturally.  Sometimes it does.  But sometimes, maybe we need to try to bring a little more laughter into our lives.  This is certainly something I could bear to focus on a little more.  (I do have a sense of humor, but I consider it to kind of be on the dry side. That care-free sort of silliness some people seem to find so easy is harder for me.)

If you’re looking for a good laugh(and we all need more of those), think about picking up a Calvin and Hobbes book.  Or if you had another favorite cartoon as a child get one of those books and spend a few moments reading cartoons.  Take the time to do something that will make you laugh.  Make it a point to bring just a little lighthearted fun into your life.

View The Calvin and Hobbes: Tenth Anniversary Book on Amazon.  Of if you’re feeling a bit more splurgy, consider the Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set.  (OK, I gotta admit, I don’t have the box set and I have a policy not to post links for things I don’t have and love.  But I totally believe you can’t go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes and this is sitting in my Amazon cart as I drool over it.)

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What was your favorite comic strip as a kid (or adult)?  Share in the comments below!


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