The Language of Letting Go

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The Language of Letting Go is a book of daily reflections.  It is gentle, encouraging, and kind.  Topics vary from having fun, setting boundaries, accomplishing goals, and of course lots of letting go: letting go of fear, letting go of worry, letting go of anxiety, and letting go of attempts to control others or the world.  It is packed with wisdom for living life and is one of my very favorite books.

I have read through this book a few times- reading the day’s entry each day throughout the year.  I don’t know what first attracted me to it when I picked it up at a book store in Oklahoma, but I liked the book.  Later I realized that Melody Beattie is famous for books for codependents.  Codependent was a term originally used to describe those affected by alcoholic or addicted loved ones, but is also now inclusive of those affected by people with other problems like gambling, etc.  Don’t let that scare you away from this book.  It’s a great book for codependents and non-codependents alike.

Sometimes codependency can also be used to describe the tendency to focus on others rather than ourselves, and not in a positive way.  “If only he did this, then I’d be happy.”  “I can’t believe what she did yesterday!”  Codependent or not, I think most of us can get caught up in those sorts of thoughts on occasion.  Some of the readings in “The Language of Letting Go” provide gentle reminders that we can’t make others do what we want, but we can focus on the things we should be doing.

Other readings include topics like being patient with ourselves, being direct in our communications with others, asking for help, listening to our feelings, identifying the things we want or need and a whole lot of other goodness.  Starting the day with one of Melody’s readings always helps me feel like I’m getting my mind in the right spot for the day ahead.

View The Language of Letting Go on Amazon.    And if you want more, you can view the second volume, More Language of Letting Go for lots more goodness.

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  1. I look forward to reading your posts. More often than not it helps me to make sense out of things I can’t put into words. I found this one particularly helpful. Thank you for making the time to put this down for us all.

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