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After learning about all of the things that were suggested for increasing energy as part of my July goal to create habits for energy, I thought I’d do a bit of shopping.  While I admit that I am a bit skeptical about some of the things, I thought I’d try to keep an open mind and try them out.  Starting habits for increased energy certainly isn’t a goal that requires any purchases, but investing a little money and getting some new things to help with a goal can be motivating.

For most of the stuff, I just went to our local SprawlMart.

My list of energy items:

  • Calcium (since I made taking vitamins one of my goals)
  • Cranberry juice
  • Lemons, limes & ice (for ice water with lemon or lime)
  • Molasses
  • Apple cider vinegar & vegetable juice (this is one of those ones that I am skeptical about and that sounds gross!)
  • Cherries, lettuce, bananas, & zucchini (no particular reason for these foods other than just stocking up for general healthy eating)
  • Light bulbs (There were a few bulbs burnt out in my house and while my main goal is to get more sunlight, I thought replacing the bulbs in the house and keeping it light inside might help too.)
  • Trail mix ingredients  (I love trail mix to start with, but I generally don’t really like the pre-mixed bags.  So, I buy nuts and dried fruit separately to make my own.  Nuts and dried fruit came up as good snack options for energy and making sure not to get too hungry was also recommended.)
  • Ice cream (OK, this isn’t going to help my energy, but I just couldn’t help it.)

I also had to turn to Amazon for a couple of the things like the bee pollen and the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil and ghee for making Bulletproof coffee.  (I am an Amazon affiliate and if you buy something from one of my Amazon links, they pay me a small amount.  Normally, I only put links for things I buy and love, but the bee pollen is an experiment I haven’t tried yet.)  The ghee is actually one of my favorite products for cooking since it can stand higher temperatures than butter and this particular brand has the best flavor I’ve found.  I happened to be out of it, so I ordered more.

Interestingly, when I was in Chicago at the Miracle Morning event, they had free Bulletproof coffee there and it was really quite good.  It sounds  a bit strange, but it was delicious and did seem like perhaps it provided more of a perk up than regular coffee.  So when I encountered it again as a suggestion for having more energy, I thought I’d try making my own.

What I can say so far is that the ice cream was delicious (and the empty carton is in the trash), apple cider vinegar has a very strong flavor, but it’s drinkable when diluted with enough vegetable juice but my own concoction of apple cider vinegar mixed with a spoonful of molasses and some water was pretty awful.  Hey, I had to try it, I thought maybe I’d hit on a new elixir.  The only benefit from replacing the burnt out light bulbs so far is that I feel good about having crossed that off of the unofficial ‘to-do’ list in my brain.  The best thing so far has actually been drinking ice water with a bit of lemon and lime squeezed in it; refreshing, hydrating, cold and slightly stimulating with that citrusy twist and a splash of color.  It does seem to be a good pick-me-up and with hot July weather here, it’s the perfect time for it.  Plus it makes a simple glass of water seem like a bit of a treat.

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