Perfect Father’s Day gifts- DIY boxes for dad!

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I have been working really hard on these DIY kits and I am so excited to have them out in time for people to give them as Father’s Day gifts.

They are super easy to glue together and decorating them is so much fun! The ability to personalize them makes them such thoughtful, unique gifts.

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DIY father's day gift- wooden boxes

S, B, and I made some of these for our moms for mother’s day. They turned out to be so awesome that I wanted to make these kits available to others as well.

B painted these ones for Mother’s Day. 🙂

Creating things is so satisfying and I want to spread the joy

I find few things more satisfying than making something myself. The process is so much fun.

Plus I love to give gifts that are thoughtful and personalized. These boxes fit that bill perfectly.

Here’s the box B and I made for his daddy:

(We’re on top of things this year! Father’s day is still like a month away. )

DIY box for dad- bottom side with the words 'With Love from Kyla and Ben'

B didn’t quite grasp the whole paint thing when we made the boxes for our moms. So for the box for his dad I kept it simple. I just painted his hand and did quick hand-prints on the sides.

I’m sure older kids could get much more involved with decorating these.

This one is for my dad:

DIY father's day gift- wooden box with DAD engraved on the top

I painted the sides of the box and the lid the same colors. Then I just turned the lid 180 degrees so that all of the color were visible at once.

I also got a purple smudge on the top because I didn’t wait long enough for the paint to dry. (sigh)

The kit

Here’s what the kit looks like:

DIY box kit pieces

Here it is once it’s put together with a bit of wood glue:

Father's day gift- DIY box with 'DAD' laser inscribed on the top

So many options available for finishing these!

The cool thing about a kit like this is that people can let their imaginations run wild and come up with their own ideas on what to do with it.

  • Paint
  • Sharpie
  • Gluing stuff on them
  • Decoupage

These were such a fun project and I love the idea of people customizing these for their dads.

Buy your own kit now.

(Here’s my process for taking the photos used in this post: A beginner’s guide to good photos for selling products online or documenting projects )

P.S. It is so nerve-wracking putting something new into the world and hoping that somebody will like it. Even when it’s something that seems small.

P.P.S If these do OK, I plan to start making customized boxes next so people can specify what they want the text to be or even use drawing or images!

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