Laminated baby book page ideas- fun & cute!

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I did B’s entire baby book with laminated pages and came up with some cool ideas for how to do it. In this post I will share some of the tips, tricks and ideas I came up with while working on this laminator project.

laminated baby book pages- journal entry and baby pictures

Benefits of laminated baby book pages

First off, let me mention a few of the benefits to making laminated baby book pages.

  • It ensures that you are creating something that will basically last forever.
  • It also creates a format for consistently sized pages.
  • Laminating the pages ensures that any photos or other additions stay in place- you don’t ever have to worry about glue getting old and things falling off.
  • You can 3-hole punch everything and find a stylish binder to put the pages in.
  • It’s also cheap and easy.
  • Plus, laminating stuff is just cool!
baby book - a three-ring binder with a marbled green and blue cover filled with laminated baby book pages

As a new mom, I didn’t have the bandwidth to get too elaborate. My main goal with B’s baby book was just to preserve the memories. Most of what I used for it was just stuff I had collected like the cards people gave us. I also had some pictures printed and periodically took 10-15 minutes to make journal entries.

(Now that B is almost two, I can say that I am SO glad I put this together.)

Laminated baby book page ideas

Ultrasound pictures

laminated baby book page - ultrasound photos

I started my baby book off with a few of my journal entries from when I was pregnant and some of my favorite ultrasound photos.

A warning: some ultrasound photos are printed on heat-sensitive paper and do not fare well in a laminator. After I discovered that, I used some self-sealing laminated pouches that seal with adhesive instead of heat for my ultrasound photos and then I used scrapbook tape to stick them to a laminated sheet of black paper.

baby book

Hospital mementos

laminated baby book page - footprints from hospital and photos from hospital

I stuck B’s hospital bracelets (cut and flattened) on the official letter from the hospital stating that he’d been born and laminated them together. It came out cute and also turned them into a page that was easy to stick into the book instead of a random thing I didn’t know what to do with.

I also made a page out of the footprints that they took at the hospital.


laminated baby book page - cards

For cards, I still wanted to be able to open them and read what people had written. So I laminated solid colored sheets of paper. Then I used double-sided tape made for scrap-booking to stick the backs of the cards to the laminated sheets.


For the postcards we got, I cut rectangular holes in the black paper and then carefully positioned the cards so that the backs lined up. Then I sent them through the laminator. This way I can still see both sides.

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laminated baby book page - photos

I put lots of pages with pictures in B’s baby book. I know I have all these digital photos, but I just wanted something tangible.

Some of the photo pages I did were themed like pictures of B with his grandparents, summer playtime, or hiking.

Journal Entries

I made sure and occasionally journal about how things were going. I kept it simple- just a sheet of lined paper. It doesn’t make for the cutest, fanciest baby book pages, but now they are some of my favorite pages. I love the way my journal entries bring back memories.

Free Printables

If you browse around the internet, you can also find all sorts of cool printable baby book pages that would do super well in a laminated book.

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