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Kyla looking at van on car lot

My van is built on a 1984 Dodge B350 base.  The modification process involved cutting off the top and back and replacing it with a fiberglass piece.  The back end is extended slightly beyond the length of the original van body.  It’s an Xplorer van, and the modifications to turn it into an RV were done by a company called Frank Industries.

It includes pretty much everything except a generator (although the same company made models that did have generators).

Included in my van:

  • A bathroom- albeit a very small one.  (You have to sit on the toilet when showering because there is no room to stand.)
  • Kitchen- a 3-way fridge (propane, 12v or 120v), a 2 burner propane stove, an exhaust fan over the stove, a sink, a microwave (not original), and a couple of cupboards and drawers for storage.
  • Dinette- a dinette booth that also folds into a twin bed as well as having seat belts and converting to be seats for passengers.  There is also a small amount of storage available under the benches.
  • Appliances- an AC, heater, and a water heater (the engine coolant also circulates through the hot water heater, serving both to heat the water when you’re driving and to keep the engine cooler).
  • Storage- a small closet, overhead storage compartments and a storage compartment under the bed that is accessible from outside
  • A bed in the back
  • Propane tank, fresh water tank, grey-water holding tank and self-contained toilet that doubles as the black-water tank
  • An awning
  • Front seats that swivel to double as recliners

Pictures from the day I bought it:

I’ll update this with some more recent pictures once I finish moving into my van and I’m settled in.

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