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Hoppy Living


Like a lot of people across the world, we’ve been staying home a lot lately. Some people are doing really cool things to give back… making masks, designing ventilators, helping their neighbors, sharing their talents online. One thing I’ve found

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Hoppy Living

31 Days of Mountain Biking in Pictures

31 days. 4 states. 200+ miles. In July I did the 30 day ride challenge hosted by Trailforks and Anthill Films. The challenge was simple: ride each day, including at least one full trail as mapped on Trailforks. Tijeras, New

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The story of Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit a.k.a. “Hoppy” has a pretty nice life for a bunny.  He has clothes and shoes and toys.  More importantly, he has friends, people that love him and the opportunity to travel the country. Life wasn’t always this way

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