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Community involvement

It’s great to vote, but election day is just one day of the year.  Not to be jaded… OK, maybe being just a little bit jaded – our votes don’t really count that much.  How many races are likely to

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Rest and relaxation for energy

While it would be nice to have an unlimited supply of energy, the truth is that just isn’t possible.  To have energy, one must accept that there will be low energy times when rest and relaxation are required.  At times,

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Googling for energy

Yesterday, I committed to working on habits to increase my energy for the month of July.  Of course, the hope is that at least some of these habits stick around a lot longer and that this really improves things for

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Habits for energy

A new month is upon us and this month, I have a new goal of doing as many things to increase my energy as possible. Inspiration I think my inspiration for this has come from a few different places.  One

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15 minute posts

Starting a blog has been a really great learning experience for me in a lot of ways.  I enjoy the time I spend on it and love the process of picking photos, writing, editing, and coming up with poems for

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