Welcome! I'm Kyla. Ocassional Blogger. Web Developer. Mom. Traveler.

You have found my blog.  A place where I post random things about traveling, making stuff, being a mom and whatever I feel inspired to write about.  My favorite blogs to read are those that are written by people who are genuinely passionate about what they write about.  Also, I like things that are written for people by people.  Not posts with AI-powered content generation tools and spammy posts written for Google’s bots.  So that’s the sort of blog I try to write.

Recent Posts

My February Whole30 Win

Yep, this time around I finished the Whole30!! 🙂 I’ll jump right into the improvements and good things I’ve noticed: I feel more optimistic about

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Not my problem

Today I am thinking about what you do when somebody you know has a problem that affects you so much that it’s a problem for

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My favorite stuffed animal as a kid was Baby Simba. I got him for Christmas one year and just loved him to death. I was

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