Day: February 4, 2016

Sardis Lake, Oklahoma
Hoppy Living

Ways to motivate yourself

We all struggle from lack of motivation at times.  Whether you’re struggling with a lack of motivation right now or just looking for ways to be more motivated, you’ll find something useful here.  I tend to be a pretty passionate

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Kyla looking at van on car lot

8 reasons I want to live in an RV

I actually bought my RV five years ago.  I’ve had it out on a few trips since then, but mostly, it’s just sat parked in the street outside my house.  I write this to explain that traveling around the country

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The story of Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit a.k.a. “Hoppy” has a pretty nice life for a bunny.  He has clothes and shoes and toys.  More importantly, he has friends, people that love him and the opportunity to travel the country. Life wasn’t always this way

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